I was married to someone, she ended it, I had high court bailiffs after me and everything was put in her name. 
Christmas Eve, two years ago, she took my house, my car, and everything. It put me on the streets, and I ended up sleeping rough.  
Natalie and Helen (Rough Sleeper Team outreach workers) convinced me and said we could do it. I gave it a chance and within three months of them giving me a chance, I had my own place. 
I was in a tent in Hartshill, they came to me one day and I was put in a hotel. Then I was in 90 Hope Street, which didn’t go well for me. I eventually ended up in a bus stop crying and said to myself that if I didn’t get somewhere by Christmas I’d be in a box. 
Every time I see them, they still want to help me, even though I’m not on the streets anymore.  
They treat you like you’re a human. If it wasn’t for the team I wouldn’t be here now.  
I said to them – I got that low at one point that if I hadn’t got anywhere by Christmas I was gone. I told them the anniversary of my son's death and if I hadn’t got a place by then I’d be in a box.  
A worker from the Council said he had a landlord and offered it me. I told the team that I didn’t know if I was entitled to a bonding scheme and they assured me otherwise.  
I went through it. I met them on the Wednesday, and I picked my key up on Thursday.  
This is just a beginning. I’ll do this place, I’ll get everything sorted, but where can I go from here? It can only get better.  
I can’t go any lower unless I really mess up and I’m not going to – so I can only go better. So, from here, it’s going to be better houses or flats somewhere. Just go and get everything better. 

I told them If I didn't find a place by Christmas - I'd be in a box.

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