Ring out case study

This customer needed our ring out service for many years before feeling ready to take control

Staffordshire Mental Health Helpline
Staffordshire Mental Health Helpline Ring Out Case Study 
One Helpline customer used the Staffordshire Mental Health Helpline’s Ring Out service for several years due to anxiety issues. They have since made an empowered decision to stop using the service due to an increase in their mental wellbeing. 
As the Ring Out service offers support over the weekend where other services are unavailable, the team gave the customer a call every weekend to give them a chance to talk through their issues.  They have been able to build up a rapport with him and encourage him to talk about the situations that trigger his anxiety. 
Through weeks of contact, the Helpline Team were able to help the customer explore his physical health symptoms and encourage him to visit medical professionals. He was able to discover that his medication was a big part of his mental health issues and would seek further medical opinions on other options going forward. 
Since making the decision to stop using the Ring Out Support Service, he has the team’s assurance that he can contact the Helpline again for further emotional support. 
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