Brighter Futures Academy

Offering bespoke and professional training

Employment, Skills and Training

Brighter Futures Academy was created to meet the unique training needs of our organisation.  

In more recent years, we have delivered a diverse range of training provision to our staff, volunteers, and partner organisations in subjects such as health and safety, equality and diversity, physical health and safeguarding awareness.

Our teams are supported through continued professional development (CPD) to develop knowledge and skills, good practice, and quality services.

The Brighter Futures Academy supports work-based and personal development and professional reflection to support practitioners to meet the needs of their role. 

Through the Academy, we:

  • Manage positive relationships
  • Promote inclusive communications
  • Meet customer's needs
  • Have integrity
  • Develop people
  • Involve people

We provide opportunities to develop, focusing on: 

  • Quality learning and development- helping staff and volunteers meet the demands of an ever-changing world 
  • Community engagement – designing, supporting, monitoring, and advocating quality activities in our communities. 
  • Community development - strengthening social networks, economic viability, and structure of the surrounding community

We ensure that we:

  • Promote lifelong learning
  • Reward and celebrate success
  • Support all learners 
  • Involve all staff
  • Support equality of opportunity for staff and learners
  • Encourage self-review and continuous improvement

To contact the Brighter Futures Academy:

Call: 01782 406000


The training from this Academy is superb. I will be able to use what I've learned in everyday life.

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