Homelessness Prevention

Homelessness doesn't stop at the point someone leaves the streets. We operate a services that both prevent people from returning to the streets and leaving their homes.

Homelessness, Outreach and Women's Services

Keeping a roof over the head of the vulnerable 

Since the implementation of the 2017 Homelessness Reduction Act, there are obligations and responsibilities to take preventative steps for individuals who are threatened with homelessness. 

Homelessness devastates people’s lives. Our support doesn't just stop when they leave the streets, we give them the wraparound support they need to maintain their tenancy. 

This helps them to:

  • Maintain their tenancy
  • Thrive in their community
  • Move to accommodation that better suits their needs

Personalised and Tailored support

We provide the foundations for people with all sorts of different challenges that place them at increased risk of losing their home and becoming homeless. These are:

  • Prison discharge
  • Poor mental and physical health
  • Benefit issues
  • Low life skills
  • Family breakdown

Tenancy Support Team

Brighter Futures Tenancy Support Team provides quality homes, independence, and support to manage a tenancy.

Tenancy Support Team

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